​Quick Overview:

We can attempt to treat your condition using your own (autologous) stem cells via Mobilizing your Peripheral Blood and/or Adipose derivation. We use human G-CSF (Neupogen/filgrastim) to mobilize stem cells from the bone marrow to the peripheral blood. It is our hope to help you see improvement, no matter how large or small; however the results cannot be guaranteed. Each patient is unique and thus each patient will respond differently to treatment.

Treatments are either over 1-2 days or divided into 4-5 days(or longer) depending on your isolated cellular counts and treatment method(s) chosen.

For Mobilized Peripheral Blood:

  • Day 1-4: Consultation/Exam, Nutritional Supplementation (IV, IM, and Oral), Preparation and Mobilization of Peripheral blood via injections with Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF). This aims to increase the number of stem cells in the bone marrow and mobilize these stem cells from the bone marrow to your peripheral blood
  • Day 3-4: Calculation to assure a sufficient number of mobilized cells is reached, we then harvest the stem cells via the Blood, which is then isolated and processed in Laboratory.
  • Day 4 or 5: The processed cells are re-infused systemically intravenously, and/or locally via Intraarticular, Intramuscular, Intranasal, Retrobulbar, or Intervertebral administration.

The cost of the treatments vary between ₱1,000,000 - ₱2,000,000 , while specialized injections and additional specialists or infusions incur an additional cost. Fees are inclusive of airport transfers, and accommodation at one of the many nearby resort/hotels.

A 25% deposit is required to book and reserve an appointment. The earliest dates available are normally 1-month after a deposit is received. A Cardio-Pulmonary (CP) clearance, Complete blood count (CBC), Platelet count, and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is required for approval.

Should you require more information, feel free to contact us anytime.


  1. What is an Autologous Stem Cell Procedure?
  2. Advantages
  3. Improvement over other treatments available?
  4. Safe?
  5. Is right for me?
  6. Can I afford this?
  7. Why Choose an Autologous Stem Cell Procedure?
  8. Detrimental Side Effects?
  9. What You Can Expect When Visiting SIRM

Autologous Stem Cell Procedure

  • Consultation:  Each patient receives a consultation lasting up to 1 1/2 hours prior to the treatment: History, Medications, Patient desires and expected outcomes are discussed.
  • Preparation: Patients are prepared prior to treatment with a stem cell preparatory protocol of vitamins, nutraceuticals, herbs, and/or nutritional IV. This lays the foundation for healing by preparing the "terrain".
  • PRP: Isolated from the patient's own blood.
  • Stem Cells: Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) and other progenitor cells are isolated in a sterile environment. As there is a difference between aspetic and sterile technique, it is extremely important to note that sterility means that the cells are not exposed to air particles and contaminants.
  • Prepare: Antioxidant and nutritional IV's prior to infusions to prepare the patient for the therapy.
  • Infusions: Multiple infusions over days can be given while the cells continue expand/multiply...
    • Intravenous: The Stem Cells are administered via an intravenous push
    • Intraarticular: The Stem Cells are administered intraarticularly
    • Intrathecal: The Stem Cells are administered via a Lumbar Puncture by an Anesthesiologist to directly place the stem cells in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid, thus bypassing the Blood Brain Barrier
    • Localized: The Stem Cells are administered directly into a localized area.
    • Intranasal: In theory, this therapy relies on direct transmission through the cribiform plate, bypassing the BBB, along the olfactory and trigeminal nerve pathways.
    • Retrobulbar: Stem Cells are given via a retrobulbar injection and placed behind the bulb of the eye

Advantages of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy

  • Patients receive their own cells (autologous), so there is no risk of immune rejection.

Improvement on other treatments currently available?

  • Yes – Please contact us for details on how we may provide treatments using the Autologous cells you require.

Is the Stem Cell Procedure Safe?

  • Yes…there is no surgical procedure necessary. The interview, physical, harvesting, laboratory isolation and administering of the stem cells are all performed in-house

Is Stem cell therapy right for me?

  • Discussing treatment options with your physician is an important first step in making a decision regarding stem cell therapy. Browse through our streaming NIH database or go to Pubmed for the latest research relating to your condition....get informed!

Can I afford this?

  • Please fill-out the Contact form with as many details as possible, and we will make sure to address all your concerns. Treatments are not "one size fits all", so fees vary of course but are reasonable (USD $10,500) for such a procedure. G-CSF used to mobilize the stem cells can cost up to 1/2 the fee alone. 25% Deposit for any treatment is required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled treatment date. Payments are accepted via Cash, Wire, and Internationally accepted checks.

Why a Mobilized Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Procedure?

  • The highest stem cell counts are obtainable via G-CSF and Mobilizing the stem cells from the bone marrow to the peripheral blood.
  • There is no surgical procedure, thus once infused, the stem cells will be attracted to the injured tissue of focus, not the newly injured tissue from the surgical procedure...
  • There are no ethical or moral issues involved in harvesting Autologous Adult Stem Cells.

Detrimental Side Effects from Autologous Stem Cells?

  • No, the stem cells are extracted from the patient’s own body; no ‘foreign’ donors. Therefore, there are no deleterious side effects. Although, please keep in mind that every medical procedure does have its risks.

You Can Expect:

  • Honesty, Integrity and Professional Treatment.

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